Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memory Lane

I don't want to pick favorites or anything, but this is definitely my favorite outfit post so far.  I just love how these photos turned out.  Many thanks to my good friend, Erin, who took them for me before rehearsal!

I was lamenting today before rehearsal (this is how I get people to take photos for me, clearly) that I really wanted to take photos outside on the sidewalk, but I don't have a tripod.  Erin was nice enough to volunteer! And she did a spectacular job!  I really love the juxtaposition 
of the bright colors and florals with the concrete.  Very cool.

This outfit was my attempt at combating the gloomy weather we've been having.  Erin and I actually managed to get outside for these photos in the approximately hour and a half of sun we had today.  Aside from that short period, though, it was generally pretty chilly and cloudy today.  Hence the tights.  I actually wore a sweater for the majority of the evening, also, but took it off for the photos.  Because of the brightness of the outfit, I decided to keep the jewelry pretty simple. 

No, I didn't actually wear this red crinoline out and about.  I found it in the storage room and the group consensus was that I needed to put it on under my skirt.  It was a lot of fun.  If I had my way I would wear big poofy crinolines every day.

Skirt :: Target // Tank-tops :: a.n.a // Belt :: Charlotte Russe // Tights :: We Love Colors // Shoes :: Target // Earrings :: Charlotte Russe

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


  1. Effing adorable. Great pics.

  2. I actually really really love the red crinoline. I think you should totally wear it whenever you feel like it!

  3. i love the red crinoline. i wouldn't think twice if i saw someone on the streets with it...except that i would want one myself. by the way, you are absolutely gorgeous! i love these pics of you!


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