Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Beauty VoxBox

Today I received my first ever VoxBox from Influenster!  I was so excited to open it.  I feel like I've been waiting for this box for months!  Influenster is still a pretty new program, I think.  It's similar to those subscription beauty boxes but it's free and you have to apply for it.  The premise of Influenster is that you register and apply to get a VoxBox.  The company determines what kind of box you'll get based on questions that you answer and badges you unlock.  For example, they have a Mother's Day VoxBox coming out soon, but I don't qualify for that once since I'm not a mother.  Make sense?  They determine who gets a VoxBox based on your social influence, online and offline.  Once you get your VoxBox, you check it in on the Influenster site and then leave reviews of the products you received.  Super cool!

My first box is the Spring Beauty VoxBox.  So I got a bunch of beauty products to test, as well as a couple of non-beauty items.  The first thing I noticed when opening the box is that it is packed pretty boringly.  It's not dressed up like Birchbox or those other beauty subscription boxes.  I suppose it's okay, though, since the box itself is free and the most important stuff is what's inside, not how pretty the packaging is.

I just want everyone to know that this will not be a review of these products, just an overview.  I haven't had a chance to test all of these products out yet, but I was asked to post photos of what I received.

The first thing in the box were these Dr. Scholl's For Her shoe inserts.  I'm super excited about these!  I have a handful of shoes that kill the balls of my feet after just a few hours, so these will definitely come in handy.  These weren't listed on the card that came with the box, so I'm not sure if it was a mistake or just a little bonus.  Either way, I don't mind!

The next item in the box was this Chapstick Lip Shield 365.  I am a lip balm addict.  Seriously.  I don't buy Chapstick brand, though, because they have been known to test on animals (if anyone hears otherwise, let me know).  I'm a little torn about this (as well as a couple of other products I received) because I would definitely not spend my own money on this product.  What do you guys think?  I'd like to use it, because I enjoy Chapstick's products, but I feel very morally torn.

Next, Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  This is another product that I'm torn about, as Sally Hansen is known to test on animals.  Again, I wouldn't purchase this product for myself, but I would like to try it out.  I will probably test these, but I definitely won't purchase any on my own.

SOYJOY Bar.  I'm really excited to try this guy!  It looks delicious.  I'm always up for trying new granola bar type things.  I actually brought this to work with me today in case I get hungry.

Bath & BodyWorks Fine Fragrance Mist - Twilight Woods.  I was super surprised to open this box and find a full-sized Bath & BodyWorks spray in here.  When I saw it on the card, I thought it would probably be a miniature bottle.  I definitely was not expecting this!  It was very exciting!  I'm wearing this scent right now and I'm enjoying it.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash.  This is the third product that I'm torn about.  Aveeno definitely has a history of animal testing.  Again, I will test it out and review it honestly, but I will not purchase this for myself.

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer.  I'm really excited about this one.  I'm always on the look out for new concealers because I have yet to find one that I really love.  I'll definitely be testing this one out thoroughly.

Once I test all these items out (hopefully over the weekend) I will post my reviews to Influenster as well as on the blog!

Is anyone else a member of Influenster?



  1. I can't wait untill my box come in!!! Its my 1st one too....ejoy your voxbox

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures!

    I might go home early to stalk the mailman :)

  3. I bought the sally hansen salon effects the other day they actually work really great!! but you cannot keep the extras like you can of the other brands because these are not foil wraps they actually are nail polish strips an they do dry out

    1. I just put mine on and I like them so far, no issues that I haven't had with other brands. That stinks that you can't save them, though! I'm going to try anyway, because I have 4 left over. We'll see!

  4. I'm still waiting for my box! I'm really excited about the concealer. I don't like that three of the brands in the box test on animals though.

    new follower :)

    1. Also, what color concealer did you get?

    2. Yeah, the animal testing thing really disappointed me. When I buy products for myself, I try really hard to only buy cruelty free.

      The concealer I got is light/medium.

  5. I haven't got mine yet. Anxiously waiting. An that full size B&BW spray is fantastic! I hope I get the Japanese cherry blossom!


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