Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inspiration - Ghost World

Ghost world is one of my favorite movies.  The graphic novel it's based on is really wonderful, too.  The film and the graphic novel both have some really phenomenal fashion in them.

The two main characters in the film are Enid and Rebecca, two cynical and witty teenagers fresh out of high school.  The story follows the both of them growing up and slowly drifting apart as they each decide what to do with their post-high school lives.

Enid has the most unique style in the film.  She goes through distinct style phases, but mostly her style is very 90's mild-punk.  She wears lots of bold colors, and heavy shoes.  One of the most noticeable facets of Enid's style is that she doesn't ever dress for her body type.  She wears very boxy jackets and too-short skirts
This outfit represents Enid's first style of the film (seen above).  She's wearing a skirt with a large plaid print, and a blue graphic tee that looks like it probably came from the little boy's section.  I wanted to update the look a little bit, and chose a longer plaid skirt, to hit the midi-length trend.  I also went with a few more fitted t-shirts instead of the boxy one Enid wears.  I did stick with her traditional black Dr. Marten boots, though, and her brown messenger bag.

Enid 2 - Ghost World

Another one of Enid's notable outfits is her "punk day" outfit.  She has the sudden urge to dye her hair green, and wear creepers and a leather jacket.  I decided to modernize this one a little, too, by going with a more minimal t-shirt design, instead of the ringer-t Enid is wearing.  

Enid 3 - Ghost World

This last outfit is one of my favorites in the film.  It's such a different look from the above two, but still screams "Enid".  She's wearing a leopard mini skirt and a cute waitressy-looking black shirt, with a feathered headband.  I stayed pretty true to the look, but changed up the headband.  I love the little white color on this black shirt, and the leopard print is a fun addition.

Are there any other films you guys would like to see fashion inspiration from?



  1. One of my favorite fashion films is DOWN WITH LOVE! Do that one. :) Please.

  2. Oooh, I love this! Daniel Clowes is a fantastic comicker and the movie is such a good adaptation. Makes me want to get my Enid on this weekend... of my favorite visual movies is The Fall--if you haven't seen it, definitely look it up. It's gorgeous, and I think anybody could pull some serious inspiration from the landscapes and colors (not to mention the characters' actual outfits).

  3. Really interesting and impressive. Did Stout contribute to your expertise? I'm just old fashioned (and old) so I would vote to see one of these three icons modernized:Doris Day, Jackie O, or Audrey Hepburn. Wait, wait, Mary Tyler Moore would be an interesting challenge. "Pencil pants"....from the Dike Van Dyke show. She was darn cute.
    They only let her wear pants for one scene per show.

  4. Did you know you can actually buy Enid's Raptor shirt on Etsy:


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