Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hearts Out to Dry

 So I convinced Jason to take photos for me again.  Well, it wasn't really that difficult.  I think he likes doing it.  It's just a matter of the two of us getting together before I leave for the show so that we have time to take photos.

 This outfit is from Thursday night.  I went to Jason's before the show to do some work on the movie schedule, and then we had the first performance of our 3rd weekend of Avenue Q.  Only one more to go!

I feel very matchy in this outfit.  My cardigan and tights echo the navy blue flowers in the dress, while the maroon shoes echo the maroon flowers.  I just don't usually match my sweater to my tights, unless it's black.  But It looks very put together and I like it a lot.

I find that this type of skirt is the most flattering on me.  I like how I look in tighter, more fitted skirts, but I'm definitely more comfortable in skirts with more body.  

Dress :: Modcloth // Sweater :: Charlotte Russe // Shoes :: Target // Tights :: We Love Colors // Belt :: Target

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I'm working on organizing my house, and then Jason and I are going to take the dogs out for a hike.


See the other way I've worn this dress:


  1. I am loving the sweater!! So cute! And those shoes are quite delicious. :)

  2. GAWH-GEOUSSSS!<3 You are : gorgeous, cuuteee, soo photogenic, an adorable outfit picker and i LOVE theseee!!<3


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