Saturday, August 20, 2011

IFB #10 - My Blogger's Tool Kit

Time for another IFB project!  I'm getting really into these.  I really like seeing everyone else's interpretation of the challenges and projects.  It's also a great tool for networking!

Today's project is "Blogger Tool Kit."  That's essentially all of the things I carry around with me as a blogger.  I had fun thinking about all the things I use daily for my blog.  

1. Flats - I wear heels almost every day, and they aren't always the most comfortable.  It's completely necessary for me to bring flats with me in case my feet aren't feeling the 6in platforms.

2. Laptop - This is probably the single most important tool.  All of my photos are on here and this is where I write all of my posts.  

3. Notebook and pencil - I get post ideas anywhere at anytime.  Luckily, I always have either this notebook, or another notebook, with me to jot those ideas down for later.  

4. Small sketchbook - Like post ideas, I get ideas for new garments or outfits all the time.  Anything can be an inspiration for a new dress I want to make.  So I pull out this small sketchbook and make a quick sketch.

5. iPhone - This thing is amazing.  Really.  I can check my blog stats, read other blogs, check IFB posts, check & write emails, take photos, post to twitter, post to instagram, and so many other things just from this phone.  I love it.  

6. Phone charger - Clearly, if I'm doing all of the above things with my phone, it's going to need to be charged fairly frequently.  I bring my charger everywhere.

7. Magazines - I don't really get into Elle or Vogue or InStyle.  I do, however, love Nylon and Factory as well as other smaller fashion magazines.  I get so much more inspiration from these than the big ones.

8. Large sketchbook - When I'm not out and about, I use this larger sketchbook to make note of all the garments I want to make or outfits I want to put together.  

Of course, my most important blogging tool came up to help me as I was taking these photos.  Beanie has provided much support by curling up next to me while I type (as she is right now) or distracting me while I take photos.  

I can't wait to see what tools other people use!  Maybe I can make my tool kit a little larger.


  1. I love this kit, one of the best I think.

    P.S.Your dog is so cute!

  2. OK, that dog is darn cute and despite being a nuisance at times adorable. I love that she comes up to support you. What a good little girl she is Bitsy Bean a.k.a Bugger formally known as Patsy Cline.

  3. I really like your tool kit ;)
    And your dog is so so sooooo cute, I wanna hug it! lol

  4. very good photos and kit:)

    I love your dog so adorable:))

    best wishes from istanbul

  5. Great post! I always carry my latest magazines as well :) I will post my toolkit tomorrow so come by if you like :)


  6. Great tool kit!

  7. Great Post!! Found you through IFB...;)
    Faiza xo

  8. One Word Awesome!! Super Awesome Tool Kit that's a Blogger Need especially Fashion Blogger!! Just Loved These Blogging Tool Kit!!

  9. Great information but the real hero of the story is Beanie!! What breed of dog is he. I want him so badly.


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