Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EBEW: Bored of Your Love

Ringo, my roommate's dog, was all about getting his picture taken.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and spend time with the person you love the most: YOU!  

I'm on vacation this week, finally.  I feel like I've been run ragged the past few months.  It's so nice to just be able to relax, see family, and not have to worry about anything.  I drove to Nebraska yesterday, and I'm staying with my grandparents for a week.  I missed out on seeing my family over the holidays because of work, so I really wanted to make it a point to get down here as soon as I could.  Last night I went out for drinks with my cousin Anika and our uncle, and today we have plans of seeing the newborn cousins, and having a famous Tuesday Night Dinner at my aunt's house.  I'm very much looking forward to it.

Today is also EBEW day!  I know I say this a lot, but EBEW day is my favorite day of the month.  I would never have paired this skirt with this dress in a million years.  I'm actually not totally thrilled with this outfit, but I don't hate it.

Even though this outfit isn't my favorite, I do like parts of it.  I love this bright pink skirt, and I'm absolutely crazy about this belt.  I do like all of the colors in this outfit, but it might be better suited for spring/summer than February.

Dress :: Thrifted // Skirt :: Target // Belt :: Shop Bearcat Vintage // Tights :: We Love Colors // Shoes :: Thrifted // Sweater :: Thrifted // Bracelet :: Thrifted

Again, I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're spending it with a significant other, or family members, or yourself.  Remember: Self-love is the greatest kind of love.


Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


  1. I think this is adorable! Your color blocking skills are amazing :)

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

  2. very cute outfit! and the shoes match your skirt! i agree with natasha - your color blocking is rather legendary

  3. i love this outfit, its so bright and cheery!glad to have found your lovely blog thanks top ebew!

  4. Such a pretty outfit! I absolutely love how you paired the pink, red, and yellow. I'll need to try that combo myself sometime!

  5. Wow! Love that skirt and top. And the mustard cardi is a great combo, eh. :)Beautiful!

    Cathy@Differentiating Digitizing Service and Vector Service


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