Monday, September 12, 2011

Brand New Day

This is a slightly atypical outfit for me.  I'm not really a shirt dress kind of person, but this one is so flattering! It actually looks better in these photos than it felt when I was wearing it, but I love it.  

Wore this outfit this morning when I went to jury duty.  It was very dull.  We sat in the jury lounge for about 10 minutes, then were brought into the court room where we had to take an oath and swear that we wouldn't tell anyone about the case (so no details, sorry guys!).  Then we went back into the jury lounge and had to fill out this 8 page questionnaire.  I was out of there in 45 minutes.  They have yet to pick the final jurors, so I don't know yet if I'll actually have to sit this case.

Because I was going to the courthouse this morning, I thought I should dress a little more conservatively than usual.  Hence the shirt dress and dark tights.  I really love this outfit, even if it isn't something I would normally put together.  I love the color of these tights (they are my free ones from We Love Colors!) and I love the fit of this dress.  I've had it for years, and I've never been that into it.  But I hear polka-dots are big this fall, so I guess that's a good thing.  (Though I've never been a big polka-dot fan.)

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new memory stick for my camera.  I've been using my very old one, and it's working fine, but it's a little outdated.  The viewing screen is so tiny that these pictures all looked horrible dark when I was taking them.  I was certain I would have to retake them, but when I uploaded them they looked totally fine.  It's also a little bigger and heavier than my newer camera, which isn't a big deal, but it bugs me a little.  Hopefully the new memory stick will be here sometime this week!  

Dress :: Target // Belt :: Thrifted // Tights :: c/o We Love Colors // Earrings & Bracelet :: a.n.a (via JCPenney) // Shoes :: Thrifted

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


  1. I'm glad you stepped out of your boundaries a little bit, the combination looks really good. What color tights are those? I'd like to make a We Love Colors order soon and I'm crazy about whatever color that is, so I'd love to get a pair! They look especially fantastic with your shoes.

    Good luck with the jury duty thing!

  2. Thanks, Mia! I love the combination, too. I think I'll be pairing brown and maroon a lot this fall/winter.

    These tights are the microfiber tights in maroon. I seriously have 20 pairs of these tights, in all different colors (okay, two are black) so if you have any questions about colors, feel free to ask! I sound like such a commercial when I talk about it, but they are seriously the best tights ever.


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