Tuesday, October 4, 2011


True story:  Everything I'm wearing is second-hand.  Okay, except for the tights.  I'm not quite that ambitious - wearing second-hand tights sounds strange.  But really, everything else is thrifted or vintage.  I'm extremely proud of myself for that fact.  It wasn't even really intentional.  I put this skirt, top, belt and shoes on, and then I realized that they were all thrifted.  So I decided to stick with the theme and wear thrifted jewelry, also.  

I had a massively gigantic break from jury duty today (translation: 2 hours) so I went home and took photos.  I really enjoy having the time in the day to do that.  I used to wake up extra early to take photos, but since we're making our way into fall, the sun is coming up later and later.  Pretty soon I'll be going to work in the dark!  That's definitely part of the reason I've been lacking in the outfit posts lately.  I just need to find the time in the day to take photos.  Time to get creative!

Fun fact:  This is the only button-down shirt I own.  

Tights :: Old Navy // Everything Else :: Thrifted

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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