Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Favorites!

What I'm loving right now:

This photo of Anjelica Huston*

Other things I'm loving:
- Re-threading my serger.  (Okay, so I actually HATE this, but I'm trying to stay positive!)

- The Tin Man mini series.  This has been my go-to sewing DVD for years.  I'm in love with it.
- Making presents for people.  Jason's birthday is coming up and I've been going crazy sewing for him the past few days.
- Gummy vitamins!  I want to eat the whole bottle! (But that would definitely make me sick)
- My summer scent: Auric Blends' Lover's Moon.  I've had it for a couple of years (same bottle!) and I tend to forget about it, and then rediscover it fairly often.  It's perfect for summer!
- Reading!  I've been doing a lot more of it since my uncle got me a Kindle for Christmas.  They are super handy!  I didn't think I would love it as much as I do.  Currently almost finished with Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides.  Great book that deals with gender identity as well as incest and heritage.

That's all for today, friends!  I have to get back to working on Jason's birthday present while watching Tin Man.  As you can all see, my life is thrilling!


*Source unknown


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