Thursday, July 28, 2011

Empty Highway

How many lace skirts does one girl need?

Clearly, the answer is 3.  That's how many I have.  Oofda. (That's the Northern Minnesotan coming out for you.)

Hello, friends!  Just a quick post today before I head off to work.  I wore this last night to the first performance of our last weekend of Into the Woods.  

I'm seriously repping JCPenney in this outfit.  I mean, they should pay me for how much JCPenney I'm wearing.  Really.  Can we do that?  Anyway, it was completely unintentional and I didn't realize it until I was talking to my friend who actually works at JCPenney.  

I love this skirt.  It's very ballerina.  Paired with the tank top I felt like I should be going to a dance class.  Obviously, I am not a dancer, nor do I have any idea what the appropriate dance class attire would be.  

I tried on approximately 17 belts with this skirt.  (Actual number: 4)  Finally went with this tie-belt that came from a chambray shirt-dress I have.  From JCPenney.  I always forget about wearing the ties that come with other dresses/skirts on different dresses/skirts.  I'm not sure why, though.  It seems like it would be pretty obvious.  I'm getting better at it.

Also, I LOVE these shoes.  A whole lot.

Skirt :: Allen B. (via JCPenney) // Top :: a.n.a (via JCPenney) // Shoes :: Olsenboye (via JCPenney) // Belt :: a.n.a (via JCPenney) // Necklace & Silver Bangle :: Thrifted // Other Bangles :: Various

I'm off to work now!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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