Monday, September 19, 2011

Time After Time

I don't have a lot to say today, friends.  I'm on a quick 1.5 hour lunch break from jury duty and ran home to get these photos up.  So I may or may not be able to get a Monday Favorites post up later today.  If I do, it will be pretty late, but stay tuned.  I was called to jury duty at 8:30 this morning, gross!  We watched a quick video, took an oath, and we've just been waiting around since about 9am.  People are being taken individually into another room and questioned.  Talk about intimidating!  I haven't actually been questioned, yet, so I've honestly spent the whole morning twiddling my thumbs and reading. 

What can I say about this outfit?  I actually envisioned this outfit in my head last night.  Just out of the blue, like a little daydream or something.  I actually imagined it with navy tights and a different pair of shoes, but my navy tights are dirty!  Drat!  I like the gray with it, though.  

I'm not sure if I've ever told you, but this is hands down my favorite skirt in the world.  If I were ever to do a 30-for-30 this would definitely be in my items.  For all seasons.  It's super flattering and comfy and versatile. It was a spur of the moment purchase from Old Navy three or four years ago.  Best purchase ever!

Skirt :: Old Navy // Top :: Allen B (via JCPenney) // Tights :: We Love Colors (duh!) // Shoes :: Mudd // Belt & Earrings :: Charlotte Russe // Necklace :: Thrifted // Bracelet :: JCPenney

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!  I'm going to eat lunch and then it's back to the courthouse.

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