Friday, October 14, 2011

IFB Project 16: Morning Beauty Routine

I know, I know.  I bet you all thought I had fallen off the planet.  Well, I haven't.  I've just been moving.  I'm finally mostly settled in, and just got internet installed on Tuesday so I can come back to you all and start blogging again!  I definitely missed you all.

This week's IFB challenge is Morning Beauty Routines.  Now, I'm super late posting this, so it's not actually going to be posted on the IFB page, but I already took the photos and I thought I'd post them anyway.  I hope you all enjoy them!

A little notice before I begin, I try extremely hard to use only products that are not tested on animals.  I have not purchased from companies that do in a couple of years, and I'm currently trying to use up those products that I have purchased in the past.  I will let you know when a product I feature is cruelty free.

This is me without makeup.  Right after I've woken up.  The only thing on my face is my moisturizer, seen below.

I LOVE the Yes to Carrots brand.  I use Yes to Carrots daily facial moisturizer, body lotion, and one of their lip balms.  I also use Yes to Cucumbers makeup removing wipes every single day.  I love every one of their products.  Also, they don't test on animals.

After my moisturizer, I use Stila's Perfect and Correct Foundation.  If you remember from my birthday haul, I purchased this for myself as a birthday gift from Sephora.  I'm totally in love with it.  I've really grown to love Stila products in general.  I use their Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in the summer, and it's amazing.  Stila does not test on animals.

Next, I use Urban Decay's 24/7 Concealer Pencil and Sonia Kashuk's Hidden Agenda concealer palette.  I love both of these so much.  I also got this Urban Decay Concealer for my birthday, and I've really grown to love it.  This Sonia Kashuk palette is from Target, and it's super inexpensive and works really well.  I use it with E.L.F's Professional Concealer Brush, also from Target.  Urban Decay does not test on animals, and as far as I know neither do Sonia Kashuk or E.L.F. (If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!)

On a typical day, if I'm just going to work or running errands or something, I do the same eye makeup.  First I use my Urban Decay Primer Potion (in a sample size that I got with my Naked palette), and prime my lids. Then, I use the shade Buck from the Naked palette all over my lid, and a little in the lower, outer corner.  Next, I'll take my E.L.F Professional Eyeliner brush, and using some of the shade Creep (far right side), I line my upper and lower lashline.

This palette is amazing.  I know it's been everywhere on makeup blogs and youtube videos since it came out, but seriously.  There's a good reason.  I use this every single day and I don't know what I would do without it.

To finish off the eyes, I use Hard Candy's Ginormous lash, and the Wet n' Wild's Mega Plump on top. I love the Hard Candy mascara, but it's not waterproof, while the Wet n' Wild one is.  Neither of those companies test on animals.

Lastly, I use Stila's Convertible Color in the shade Lillium on the apples of my cheeks.  This is another product that I'm not sure I could do without.  I don't like using powder blush because I have extremely dry skin, so this cream blush is really amazing.  It's a perfect color, a perfect texture, and it lasts all day.

Don't mind the grainy iPhone photos in my living room, but this is the finished look.

And here are all of the products I ended up using.  (Brushes are Eco Tools, Urban Decay, and E.L.F)

I hope that didn't totally bore you all and that you all have a great day!

(On a completely unrelated note, I have 195 bloglovin posts to catch up on from not having internet!  Agh!)


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