Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lonely Avenue

Hello, again!  This morning I am having coffee, watching The Royal Tenenbaums, and blogging.  Not a bad way to start the day!  Later on I have to go to work, which is much less exciting.

I really love this outfit.  I wore it on Saturday to our double performances of Avenue Q.  It was such a long night!  But I looked super awesome, even though I was exhausted.  I saw this blazer at the mall a few weeks ago, but decided not to buy it.  I couldn't stop thinking it about it, though!  So finally I went back and bought it and I'm super happy that I did.  I really love it and want to wear it every day.

So I think it's time I fill you all in on what has been going on in my life.  As you may know, I recently had to move out of my apartment due to a neighbor.  I received an extremely explicitly sexual email from him that made me uncomfortable and I felt very unsafe in my apartment.  So I left and moved in with my good friend, Zach.  I'm feeling much safer and more comfortable now.  It's been a weird situation, and has completely changed my view on men and how I dress around them.  I find myself dressing more conservatively in general, and I get really anxious about men I'm unfamiliar with looking at me or making comments about my body.  I could go on and on about this, but I've really talked this whole incident to death.  I just felt that I owe my readers a little explanation.  

On a lighter note, meet my new best friend, Simon!  He belonged to Jason's brother, but he had to give him up due to a living situation.  So I gladly adopted him and he now lives with me, Zach, and Zach's dog Ringo. He's only been here for about a month, but he's doing very well.  He was found in a dumpster when he was very little, but is surprisingly friendly and easy-going.  The vet thinks he's about 7 months old.  I'm totally in love with him.  He's really been a fun addition to the house.

Dress :: American Apparel // Blazer :: Charlotte Russe // Shoes :: Forever 21 // Tights :: We Love Colors // Bracelet :: Thrifted

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. wow, i'm so sorry to hear about your horrible neighbor! i'm glad you found a good friend (and cat) to live with!

  2. Nice blazer, great fit. Cute cat. Stupid old neighbor.


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