Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Play the Greed

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today and tomorrow are my days of rest.  We finally finished clearing everything out of the store yesterday and it's completely empty now.  All closed up.  It's quite bittersweet for me, really.  I'm so thankful to be done with the whole liquidation and moving process, but I hate that it had to happen at all.  Anyway, this gives me a couple of days off before I start work at our other location.  I'm definitely going to make the most of my time off.  Today I'm hanging out at my parent's house, watching a Sex and the City marathon on their new big screen TV.  Not a bad day off.

This outfit is directly inspired by the Lifetime Coco Chanel movie.  I don't particularly care for the acting in the movie, but it's a very interesting look into the life of a fashion icon.  Anyway, there is a scene where Coco is wearing this amazing chunky knit sweater, and a long black skirt.  She's trying to get onto a horse to go riding with the boys, but is having trouble riding with the skirt.  So, in an extremely controversial act, she borrows the trousers of one of the stable-hands.  Of course, everyone is aghast that she is wearing pants, but that was kind of her thing. 

It's a little hard to see, but here is a photo of the outfit.  I really love the combination of the big chunky knit with the skirt.  So I attempted to recreate it on Saturday for our double performances of Avenue Q.  The goal was comfort and I think I accomplished that.  

I made this skirt, in fact.  It was super simple, really.  Giant rectangle of sheer black fabric, fold over the top and slide some elastic through.  It was really easy, but if anyone wants a little how-to I'd be more than happy to.  Let me know!  I was hoping to show of how sheer the skirt is in that last photo, but you can really only see it at the bottom there.  I wore a mini dress underneath so I wasn't exposing everything.  I'm really into maxi skirts right now, so I've been making a bunch of them.  They take about half an hour and are so comfy.

Sweater :: St. John's Bay (via JCPenney) // Skirt :: Made by me // Shoes :: Mia Girl (via DSW) // Necklace :: Gift

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. My favorite pic is the second one where you can see the short sock and cute gray shoe. That one also reminds me the most of the inspiration outfit. Nice use of the inspiration! Hmmmm, a hat would be interesting. Do you have hats?

  2. you are ADORABLE!! (: love the blog! now folllowing! follow ME back??


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