Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simple Song

Happy Thursday, friends!  I'm blogging from my bed, listening to some indie mixes on 8tracks (this one, at the moment!) and drinking coffee.  I'm not usually an at-home coffee drinker, so it's kind of an indulgence for me.  I mean, I buy coffee out frequently, and I drink coffee at work, but I very rarely make it at home.  I don't need it to start out the day, or for a pick me up.  It's more of a comfort beverage, I guess.  Anyway, the mornings that I do have coffee at home seem much more relaxing and indulgent.

A few days ago I posted the photos Jason took while we went hiking with the dogs, which included a little sneak peek at this outfit.  Don't remember?  Go check it out!  Here are the rest of the photos he took of my outfit that day.  I wore this outfit to work that day, also, but with daintier shoes.  It was very muddy on our hike, and boots were a must!  

I've finally jumped on the polka-dot train.  I found this adorable mint-colored, spotted dress at Savers and fell in love.  I love the way the skirt falls, and of course the color and print!  The only thing I don't love about it is how the side zipper sits against my body.  For now, I'm wearing sweaters over it, but I'm also trying to think of ways to fix it!  The bodice of this dress is very cute, too.

Yes, one of the dogs managed to get some muddy water on me.  Not surprising.  

The show I've been working on for a couple of months is opening tonight.  Exciting!  I'm not nervous, but we'll see how I feel when we get closer to 8pm.  It's a really good show, so I hope the word spreads.  It's not a musical, and sometimes folks are less enthused about attending non-musicals.  The straight plays definitely don't sell out as quickly, if at all.  So come see A Steady Rain at Teatro Zuccone tonight, and then tell all your friends how awesome it was!

Thanks for everyone's well-wishes about my finger!  The process was much less invasive than I was expecting.  I really thought they would have to cut open my finger to get the needle out, but he didn't have to!  The doctor just clipped my fingernail really short, and pulled the tip of the needle out using some giant medical tweezers (they have a real name, I'm sure).  The longest and most painful part was getting the TWO Novocain shots in my finger.  That hurt really badly and my finger is still stiff and swollen from it.  Other than that, the actual removal of the needle was super easy and quick.  My finger is still really sore and I can't really use it, but I'm thankful to have that piece of metal removed.

Dress :: Thrifted // Sweater :: Target // Boots :: DSW // Scarf :: Christopher & Banks // Tights :: We Love Colors // Belt & Jewelry :: Thrifted

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

All photos taken by Jason

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  1. Such a pretty outfit - I love the color combination, especially the cardigan! And is that an elephant on your bracelet? Fun!

    Your dog is cute too! :)

    ~Bethie the Boo


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