Friday, October 12, 2012

Road to Ride On

Good morning, friends!  I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop, listening to some of my favorite music, and drinking chai tea while typing this.  This is the best way to start my morning.  I really enjoy getting up an hour or so early for work, heading down to this coffee shop (that's right across the street from Lazlo's - convenient!) and reading or doing some homework before work.  I love having slow, relaxing mornings.  Plus, if I can get stuff done before work, that's more time I have to do other things after work!

I really love how these photos turned out.  I was having a blast taking them yesterday.  I didn't even care that there were tons of people walking by watching me standing there like a weirdo in front of my tripod.  Whatever!  

This outfit is from yesterday.  I had class at 8am, and just didn't feel like putting on tights and a dress and a sweater and the whole shebang.  Then, I went out for breakfast with a friend, and went to work later.  It was a pretty good day.  I've been having a lot of really good days, lately.  I'm all about doing what makes me happy, but still getting done what needs to get done.  If I have loads of homework to do one day, I'll absolutely do it, but I'll do it will sitting in a cute coffee shop and listening to music.  Keeping things positive, you know?  

I have been living in this denim shirt lately.  I want to wear it every single day.  I love wearing it as a sort of outer layer, since it's much less bulky than a denim jacket.  You'll probably be seeing it often throughout the fall and winter.  Also, these boots.  Another major fall staple for me.  I can't seem to go more than two days without wearing them.

This bag I'm carrying is my new favorite purse.  It's from this little website called Little Black Bag, which I am currently obsessed with.  The deal is that you pick out an item (usually a handbag) and then they pick out two more jewelry items for you based on a style profile you fill out.  The best part, then, is if you don't like the items they chose for you, you can trade them with other members on the site.  How cool!  Also, it's only about $50, and all of the bags on the site are worth much more than that.  This was my first time getting one, and I'm obsessed.  One can never have too many purses, right?  

One more thing, I'm going to try to include actual web links to the items I'm wearing in my photos, assuming I can.  Obviously, vintage or thrifted items won't necessarily have links, but anything I purchased new (and sem-recently) will.  I hope that helps!

Pants :: Charlotte Russe
Denim Top :: American Eagle (Similar)
Black T :: American Apparel (Exact)
Scarf :: JC Penney 
Boots :: Crown Vintage (Via DSW) (Exact)
Bracelet :: Francesca's (Similar)
Purse :: Nila Anthony via Little Black Bag



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