Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Was Made For You

Good news.  I like these photos way better than yesterday's.  I'm not sure what it is about them, but they are a lot nicer, I think.

This is the skirt I made a few weeks ago.  It's longer on one side than the other, so while it looks like I'm just being cute and picking up my skirt, it's actually to hide the long side.  I'm creative.  I really love this skirt, though.  I will have to get around to fixing it soon. 

Also, you guys, my new iPhone matches my skirt.  No lie, I didn't plan it at all.  I was very excited when I realized.  I'll have to plan my outfits to match it from now on, though.  I'm seriously obsessed with this phone. It's unbelievable.

Skirt :: Made by me // Top :: Ragstock // Shoes :: Anne Klein // Earrings :: Charlotte Russe // Bracelet :: Target // Necklace :: Thrifted

And, just for fun, I decided to take a little video while taking these photos.  This was taken with my iPhone.  How about that quality?  Way nicer than my Blackberry.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I'm off to a matinee performance of Into The Woods.


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