Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inside My Head

Almost everything I'm wearing was purchased in the past week.  Is that awful?  I have a problem with buying things and then wanting to wear them right away.  Then, I wear them a whole bunch in a 3 week period until I'm thoroughly sick of them, and don't wear them again for months.  It happens a lot.  But really, everything but my sweater, tights, and one necklace was purchased in the past week.  Oh, and my socks.  But who really cares about those, anyway?

Since every single person in the city of Duluth was complaining last week about the sweltering heat and humidity, we have now had two chilly and windy days in a row.  As you can see, I had to break out the tights yesterday and again today.  Gross.  It's July!  Almost August!  But that's how it is living in Northern Minnesota, I suppose.  

I am officially obsessed with these shoes.  I ordered them on eBay last week and was a little indifferent about them, but they were only $9.  When they came in the mail today I instantly fell in love.  Isn't that a nice surprise?  I was telling everybody yesterday about how awesome my shoes were.  I did order the correct size, but they are a little roomy still so I wore socks with them.  They'll be nice in the winter when I wear tights and socks all the time.

Dress :: Black Rainn (via Younkers) // Sweater :: H&M (thrifted) // Tights :: Old Navy // Shoes :: Forever 21 (via eBay) // Necklaces :: Thrifted & eBay // Bracelets & earrings :: Thrifted

Time for the last Into the Woods performance of the weekend!  I'm looking forward to having a couple of nights off.  Stage managing is tiring!


  1. What a great dress! & yes, you rock those shoes. :)

  2. If you have to wear tights in the summertime, at least you look great doing it. Those shoes give me major envy, and in general you put together a great look.

    Also, I'm late to the party, but boogie for Into the Woods! It's tremendous that you're working on a production of it. Or any production, really, theatre in general is amazing. (This said as someone who has never been involved in anything more than sitting in the audience and enjoying herself immensely.)


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