Saturday, September 10, 2011

You Are Everyone

I have some bad news, friends.  I woke up bright and early this morning to take photos before work, and my camera, along with my laptop, has decided to stop recognizing my camera's memory stick.  So these photos were taken with my super old Kodak EasyShare camera.  This camera was actually the very first item I purchased with my very first paycheck ever.  It's about 4 years old, and cost $300 when I got it.  I love it to death, but it just doesn't hold a charge anymore.  I was a little worried about the quality of these photos, but they turned out pretty okay!

I love this dress, but it has been a huge style challenge for me.  It definitely has to do with the waist line (who decided it needed to go right there?  Dumb.) and the facing on the top.  You can't see it in these photos, because I intentionally covered it, but the bodice facing is completely visible through the top.  I'm not a fan.  Also, the straps are really cheap so they fold over themselves a lot.  I've found that I like this dress best if I cover up my shoulders, to hide the straps, and hide the wonky facing.  The waist line I just have to deal with.

See other ways I've worn this dress HERE and HERE!

Another fun fact, these shoes are actually the very first pair of heels I ever purchased.  I've had them for years and they've held up so well.  

You may notice something different about me.  If you pay any attention at all, that is.  I got a haircut on Wednesday!  I love it a lot.  My friend Izzy cut it, and I think she did a wonderful job.  I was in dire need of a new cut.  I love how asymmetrical it is.  What do you guys think?

Dress :: Ragstock // Vest :: Target // Belt :: Charlotte Russe // Scarf :: Ragstock // Shoes :: Target // Earrings :: Charlotte Russe// Bracelets :: Various (JC Penney, Younker's, thrifted, self-made)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  1. The cut looks really good! It looks like it works really well with your hair texture, and asymmetry is always cool.

    Grey is a really good color on you, just so's you know. (Or maybe you already know and that's why you're wearing this, haha.)


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