Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Look Back - September

A little look back at what the month of September had to offer us.  I'm a little embarrassed that I only posted 8 outfits.  I promise I will try to be better this coming month.  It's been getting so busy around here with work that I can hardly keep up!

I actually really love most of these looks.  I think my favorite photos are the ones I just took, with my oversized clutch.  I love the print of the skirt with the trees in the background.  I'm also loving my new triangle-polka-dotted skirt (upper right) and those gold tights.  Both will definitely be a fall staple.

It is kind of interesting to see the mix of summer and fall in these photos.  Some of them definitely look summery (bottom middle) and some definitely scream autumn (middle).  I'm anxious to see what October will bring!



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