Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspiration - Pretty Woman

Welcome to the third installment of my movie style inspiration series!  In the past I have been inspired by the cult hits Heathers and Ghost World, so now it's time to do a more widely recognized film:  Pretty Woman!

If you don't know the story of Pretty Woman, you need to walk away from your computer and go watch this movie right now.  Come back after you've teared up over Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  Okay, in short the movie is about Julia Roberts, who plays a lovable prostitute.  She gets picked up by Richard Gere, a very handsome and successful business man, who hires her to be his companion for a week.  Obviously, they fall in love and it's a happy ending; what kind of romantic comedy do you think this is? 

Anyway, along with a very adorable story line, this movie also has some really wonderful fashion.  Since Richard Gere is paying for all of her clothes, you can imagine she would have some really amazing outfits.  Well, for 1990, that is.  

Pretty Woman 1

The first time we see Vivian (Julia Roberts) she is dressed in her prostitute attire.  Now, I'm not about to condone that anyone dresses like a hooker, but you can wear whatever you want.  Instead of taking her outfit literally, I decided to modernize it and make it a little more appropriate for every day.  This white floral crop top is adorable, and would look cute with either the shorter blue skirt, or, for a more demure look, the maxi skirt.  Vivian also wears thigh-high boots with her ensemble, but that seemed a little over the top with the skimpy shirt, and short skirt.  Instead, I went with these cute black booties, which would work with either skirt.  Finish off with some layered necklaces and big hair.

Pretty Woman 2

Another notable outfit of Vivian's is this beautiful red gown and long white gloves.  This dress is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly suitable for their outing: the opera!  In 2012, though, we rarely wear elbow length gloves with our gowns.  So I struck the gloves, and stuck with the classic red dress.  I wanted to play up the jewelry a little, too, with this turquoise necklace and the eclectic rings.  

Pretty Woman 3

This is one of my favorite outfits in the movie.  Edward takes Vivian to the races to test her ability to act like a lady.  She wears this super adorable brown and white polka-dot dress, with a matching hat.  It's definitely one of the most iconic and timeless ensembles in the film.  I found this adorable brown and white dress, with a peter-pan collar, and I thought it was perfect.  For the shoes, I wanted something classic, but with a little punch.  And I just thought the nautical themed bracelet added a neat feel to the outfit.

To see the other films in the series, click HERE!  As always, I'll be taking requests for films that you would like to see as part of this series.  If you've requested a film, I have yet to watch it, but I'm working on it!



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