Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy on You

I've said before that one of my favorite things about my job is the people.  The salon I work at is so close knit (Adeline owns it and is the sole stylist) that almost every client that comes in is a dear friend of Adeline's and has some wonderful stories to tell or treats to share.  We've received tea, cookies, banana bread, and more.  Also, yesterday, it was the birthday of one of Adeline's friends, so we had a little party in the salon while she got her hair done.  It was a lot of fun.

The other day, a local artist, Patricia Canelake, was in getting her hair cut.  I was twirling around in my skirt, and while she was letting her color sit, we went outside and she took some photos for her painting inspiration. Check out Patricia's websiteq and her facebook!

All of the above photos were taken by Patricia, the rest were taken by me.  

I'll let you guys in on a little secret:  I planned this outfit around my purse.  I do this often.  If I'm feeling stuck for outfit choices, I find something with a print or color palette that I like, and base my outfit around it.  We sell these adorable purses in the salon.  They're made by Emily of Amplitude Modulation.  Adeline was nice enough to give it to me as a kind of "get well" gift for my finger.  How sweet!

It's finally nice out again!  This morning, I took a bunch of photos, and then sat outside on the patio in the nice warm sun.  It was wonderful.  I'm so looking forward to summer.

Dress :: Vintage // Shoes :: Thrifted // Necklace :: Thrifted // Bracelet :: JC Penney // Tights :: Steve Madden // Purse :: Amplitude Modulation


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  1. Your photos are very fun today. That's an adorable little purse.


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