Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I ate 9.14

My first "What I ate" post!  Bear with me, friends, as I try to find the best format for these posts.  I'm not sure if I'll do these every day or not.  For now I'm trying to, but we'll see how I feel about it later.  I might just do every other day.

So this is what I ate yesterday.  

Because I didn't get home from work until nearly 1am on Friday, and had to be at work again at 8am on Saturday, I decided to make some overnight oats.  They're super simple, quick, and yummy, and I can make them the night before and eat them at work the next morning.

Started with an almost empty sunflower butter jar.  The only way I'll make overnight oats is in an almost empty nut butter jar.  It's so good!

Added in a bunch of rolled oats.  I don't use measurements, I just eyeball it.  Maybe like a 1/4 cup?  These are just from Trader Joe's.

My favorite oatmeal toppings: Bob's Red Mill Chia Seeds, Spectrum Ground Flaxseeds, and shredded coconut.  Sometimes I'll use Trader Joe's Coconut Chips instead.

Almond Breeze!  Again, no measurements, I just poured a bunch in the jar.

Trader Joe's Cultured Coconut Milk yogurt.  I used this whole container, but in hindsight I shouldn't have.  It was much too full and too yogurty.  I also forgot to add it right away, so it was all collected on top and I had a hard time stirring it because it was so full.  So don't use all of this yogurt. :)

This is what it looked like before I put it in my fridge.  See, way too full.  That's okay!  

The rest of these photos were taken throughout the day with my iphone, so I apologize about the photo quality.

9am: So this is what my breakfast looked like.  I've been obsessed with applesauce recently, and these little Mott's applesauces are so easy to just take with me.  I also have my overnight oats, and lots of coffee with some So Delicious coconut creamer in it.

This is what my oats looked like in the morning.  Whenever I bring these to work people seem so confused as to what I'm eating.  One of my coworkers asked if I was eating peanut butter for breakfast.  Most of the other comments are things like: "WHAT are you EATING??" and "That looks disgusting."  This is the problem with living in the midwest and working at a bar and grill.

10am: One of the girls in the kitchen gave me watermelon!

11am: The restaurant was so slow in the morning that my manager let everyone that was working all day take an indefinite break and get some lunch on the house.  I wasn't really that hungry yet, but I knew this was going to be my only opportunity to sit down and eat for probably 12 hours.  I had one of the few things on our menu that can be made vegan.  This is a veggie wrap with no cheese and no sour cream sauce.  I had a side of balsamic dressing that I dipped it in, and it was super delicious.  I also had french fries.  I know, not super healthy, but sometimes you just need some grease, right?

At about 2pm we got super crazy busy and I didn't have time to stop and eat until I got home at midnight.  I did sneak in a peanut butter chocolate Lara Bar, and some more coffee.  

12am:  When I got home from work, fully exhausted and sore, I had two pieces of Pepperidge Farm Swedish Rye Bread toasted with some Earth Balance.  I'm obsessed with this bread right now.  My mom got me hooked on it when we were on vacation last month, and it's all I buy.

I think that was it, guys.  It was a really long day, and definitely not a typical day of eating for me, even for a work day.  I'm pleased with my self-control, though.  There were definitely times when I was offered cheesecake, or some sandwich that was made wrong and I turned it down.  Go me!  Oh, and on Friday night I walked into the prep kitchen to see:

That's some sort of stuffed shells, mashed potatoes, chicken with cheese, and corn.  As tempting as it all was, and as hungry as I was, all I had was a few spoonfulls of corn.  Are you proud?  I am.

Anyway, this post was long enough.  I'm off to get ready for another long day at work.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


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  1. Way to go!! I am sure I don't have the same willpower, haha! But I am enjoying the few random Vegan goods we get from the Whole Foods Store. We finished off a container of Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies in about a day haha....

    P.s. if you ever want a really yummy chocolate Vegan cake recipe, let me know! I think even the frosting is, but I need to double check...


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