Friday, July 1, 2011

Are There Giants, Too?

Took these just before rehearsal, down below the Depot.  There were all sorts of signs telling me not to be there, but I was anyway.  Clearly I am a rebel.  I really just wanted to have my pictures taken near a train.  It occurs to me now, though, that it really clashes with my skirt.  Oh well, I'm not too upset.

I thrifted this skirt quite some time ago and meant to shorten it.  I think it had been sitting in my "to do" box for  a couple of months.  I finally stumbled upon it the other day and decided to go for it.  I really love how it turned out and I want to wear it all the time. 

You see I'm wearing tights again.  How gross.  It's a little bit too chilly out not to wear them.  Also, my legs are not completely presentable today.  Lots of bruises and scratches from hiking with the dogs.  So out come the tights again.  Thank you, Duluth.

I also LOVE this belt.  Found it at the thrift store last week and I fell in love.  This is my first time wearing it and I really like how it works with this skirt.

Top :: Target // Skirt :: Thrifted (shortened by me) // Tights :: Old Navy // Shoes :: Anne Klein // Belt :: Thrifted // Gold Necklace & Bracelet :: Thrifted // Cross Necklace :: Estate Sale // Earrings :: Ragstock // Sweater :: H&M (thrifted)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


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