Friday, March 23, 2012

Dinosaur Feathers

Good morning, friends!  I'm getting a little behind on my outfit posts.  I wore this outfit to work on Wednesday.  I am completely in love with this dress, by the way.  I want to wear it every single day.  I think people would notice, though, and that would be weird.  But really, it's super comfy, and warm, and has such a fun fit.  I like it a lot.  Plus, I thrifted it for about $3, and I've seen similar dresses retailing recently for $50. Not a bad deal!

As you can see, this is a very dog-heavy post.  That's a nice thing about living with my parents again - I get to see the dogs all the time now.  They're pretty wonderful.  

I've been seriously loving the two scarves my mom and I got at Christopher & Banks in Lincoln.  I want to wear them all the time.  If I could just wear those two scarves, and this dress, every day, that would be perfect.

Dress :: Thrifted // Scarf :: Christopher & Banks // Shoes :: Thrifted // Tights :: We Love Colors // Necklace :: Gift


(By the way, the title of this post is the name of a band that my friend Walt was playing on his radio show as I was typing this up, in case anyone was wondering what the heck a dinosaur feather was)


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