Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glitter In Their Eyes

New location for you guys today!  Yesterday at work we had a last minute cancellation, so we had an hour long break in the day.  Adeline went to run an errand, and I took outfit photos.  It was loads of excitement.  So you all get a little peak at what my workplace looks like.  Isn't it cute?  You can't see my desk in these photos, but I do have one that I sit at just to the left.

I had a huge sewing day on Monday.  I spent around 9 hours just sewing things.  It was awesome!  Sometimes I feel like I never have any time to sew anymore.  But on Monday I finished a table skirt for Adeline (how-to coming soon!), I hemmed a dress and a skirt of mine, and made a crop top out of excess fabric.  The skirt I'm wearing in these photos is the one I hemmed.

Skirt :: Thrifted // Top :: Thrifted // Belt :: Thrifted // Shoes :: Thrifted // Tights :: We Love Colors // Skull Bracelet :: Boutique in Lincoln // Other Bracelets :: Thrifted



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