Thursday, April 19, 2012

Golden Ship

As part of my moving prep, I'm going through the many boxes and drawers of clothing in my bedroom and trying to decide what I'm bringing and what I'm storing with my parents.  So far, it's been really difficult.  The other day, I found a box full of old T-shirts.  There were band tees, vintage tees, summer camp tees, etc.  I pulled out some of the ones that I definitely wanted to save, and set them aside.  One of my goals in the coming weeks is to try and incorporate them into cute outfits.  I have a lot of band t-shirts and such that I really like, and I would love to be able to wear them more often.  So, here is my first attempt!  This is a Scissor Sisters t-shirt with Ana Matronic on the front.

I realized today that I think over half of my current wardrobe is thrifted.  Or, at least half of what I generally wear is thrifted.  For example, my shoes, skirt, belt, bracelets and necklace in this outfit are thrifted.  I'm really proud of that, friends.  

In other news, tonight I go back to A Steady Rain.  It's our last weekend and I'm a little bummed about it.  I think this show needed more time.  Usually by the time I'm done with shows I'm very ready for them to be done.  But I'm still enjoying this one and I'm not ready for it to be over.  Oh well, that's how it goes, right?  I am looking forward to seeing the guys again tonight.

Skirt, Shoes, Belt, Necklace, Bracelets :: Thrifted // T-shirt :: Scissor Sisters Concert // Tights :: Forever 21 // Sweater :: Walmart



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